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Oracle of Alignment

Sara Bengel, Intuitive Business & Alignment Coach


Hi, Im Sara!!! I am an intuitive business & alignment coach- who specializes in teaching women how to reconnect to themselves. Honor their gifts and talents and create an abundant business reflecting that. Finally leaving behind an unfulfilling job and stepping into your power. I guide you back to yourself and purpose through alignment. I include Human Design and Natal Charts as a guide to one self. We will use other tools and modalities to connect intuitively to our business.  I offer you a space for discovery of your true nature and how you can live a life of ease and abundance.

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Intuitive Business & Alignment Coaching

I offer 1.1 coaching containers that best will serve your needs. This is a deep dive into YOU and the steps needed to activate your alignment with ease. These container will include 2 expert readings, Human Design and Natal Chart. We then carry that information into your life and business. We will create massive change and growth through that lens. I also include embodiment practices, shadow work and many more options that will be intuitively chosen.

Intuitive Business

I will run courses periodically throughout the year. These we be Introductory courses on running a business intuitively. These will give you a flavor for what we we cover in my 1.1 sessions.  

3 Hour Intuitive Business Intensive

3 hour deep dive where we create an aligned action plan for the needs you have right NOW. I support you through your unique Human Design and Astrological  charts/cycles. These sessions are reserved for clients looking to collapse timelines quickly. This offer includes 30 Day Voxer Pocket Coaching after the intensive  as well.

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